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ADK Pro Audio Computers

I’ve been a fan of ADK Pro Audio Computers since hearing about them shortly after the company’s founding back in 1998; they are the oldest audio computer systems designer in the country. Though I am an Apple die-hard — one that has always been critical of the reliability of the PC (which I realize more often than not stems from poor choices in software/ hardware/operating system configuration) — I find that, nearly every time I’ve encountered a PC that provides seamless performance, it has turned out to be an ADK.


ADK Pro Audio Computers’ strength is their service as much as the quality of their components. They know music software extremely well and, based on the user’s needs, they will tailor a system that will precisely meet these needs. Once a system has been designed, they install and test everything, making sure there are no conflicts between programs or between hardware and software. Although some might consider ADK quality control practices excessive (and I think this can only be a positive trait when it comes to computer system integration), they do everything possible to ensure their computers perform as well as possible. For instance, internal power supply cables are braided to improve airflow and noisy fans are replaced with quieter yet higher-performance models that are far better suited for studio use.

Further, every ADK Pro Audio Computer system’s BIOS is tweaked to optimal performance, and then burned in. This means that when an ADK computer arrives, all you need to do is plug in your audio interface, keyboard and monitor and you are ready to create. My first impression is that this practice will greatly increase the cost of a system, yet ADK’s view is that if everything is installed correctly from the get-go, it actually saves time in the long run: it cuts down on postpurchase tech support time and user frustration.

That’s another thing I love about ADK: Tech support info is on the desktop wallpaper, ensuring their phone number and other contact info is always easy to find; I’m sick of companies discouraging contact by making their contact info nearly impossible to find. iZ Technology Corporation (developer and manufacturer of the RADAR) is the only other company I’ve encountered in my 25 years in the industry that has shown this level of customer support.

If you are in the market for an audio PC, ADK Pro Audio should get your top consideration.

—Russ Long

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