AKG Perception Live Microphones

Providing a balanced output on a 3-pin male XLR connector.
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$119, $149, $149, $159 list (P3S, P2, P4, P5)

AKG | akgusa.com
AKG has premiered its Perception Live series of microphones. Providing a balanced output on a 3-pin male XLR connector, the Perception Live series comes complete with the P2 (pictured), P4, P3S and the P5 series of microphones, and can be used for vocal or instrument application, for both live and recorded sound.

The P2, P4 and P3S are all dynamic instrument microphones that come with a cardioid polar pattern and carrying case, with the P2 being suited for any kick drum, bass amp or wind instrument. The P4 has a special H 440 bracket case and can be used for toms, percussion, guitar amps and wind instruments, while the P3S comes with a special SA 45 stand adapter and is primarily suited for instruments and backing vocals. The series also includes the super-cardioid, polar-pattern P5 for solo vocals.