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Alcons Audio Debuts CRMS-LFE18 LFE Subwoofer

Alcons’ new subwoofer is aimed for use in post facilities, mastering suites and the like.

New York, NY (September 10, 2018)—Alcons Audio has unveiled the CRMS-LFE18, a large-format reference subwoofer system designed for use in post-production facilities and mastering suites, high-end mix/screening rooms, recording studios and so on.

A direct-radiating 18” transducer mounted in the internally-stiffened, sealed cabinet reportedly enables an in-room response below 10 Hz, providing a fast impulse response intended to match the transient response of the Alcons pro-ribbon systems.

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The 18” woofer was developed to have a large motor structure with dual 3” voice-coils, reportedly allowing it to reach an extreme excursion of 30 mm and resulting in a 10 dB more excursion capability than what the company termed a “traditional” PA 18” woofer.

For full system performance, the CRMS-LFE18 is meant to be driven and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller. Integrated factory presets in the drive processor of the ALC provide optimization settings, as well as VHIR processing for phase-matching with an Alcons pro-ribbon system.

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Additionally, signal integrity-sensing pre-wiring automatically ensures complete cable/connector compensation between the CRMS-LFE18 and ALC, increasing response accuracy and reducing both linear and non-linear distortion, regardless of cable length and system impedance.

The CRMS-LFE18 is also available in a slim enclosure edition—the CRMS-LFE18sl”), for maximizing space-efficiency with the Alcons slim-sized main systems.

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