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Alcons Audio Ships LR18B line-array bass

LR18 line array gets flyable sub addition.

New York, NY (November 9, 2018)—Alcons Audio has shipped its LR18B line array subwoofer, a dedicated low-frequency extension to the LR18 compact mid-sized pro-ribbon line-array system.

The front-loaded system sports the company’s Max-Vent port design and a large, dual- 4.5” voice-coil Neodymium motor. The LR18B is designed to be used as a single subwoofer or in multiples in stacked or flown configurations. The cabinets include an integrated stand mount adapter for top/sub combinations with any Alcons pro-ribbon system.

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The rigging system enables front and rear array splaying and straight or pre-curved flown (cardioid) arrays, to be flown besides or behind an LR18 array. Array configurations can be simulated through the LR18 GLL in the Alcons Ribbon Calculator, Alcons’ 3D simulation program. Alcons recommends the LR18B i be driven and controlled by the ALC Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller.

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According to Alcons, the LR18B’s Signal Integrity Sensing pre-wiring ensures cable/connector compensation between the LR18B and ALC, reportedly increasing response accuracy and reducing both linear and non-linear distortion regardless of cable length and system impedance.

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