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Allen & Heath Bows PRIME I/O for dLive

Two modules will be available—an Input Mic Pre module and a Line Output module.

New York, NY (April 11, 2018)—Allen & Heath has debuted a pair of new PRIME I/O modules for its flagship dLive mixing system.

Two modules will be available—an Input Mic Pre module and a Line Output module. Designed to be fitted in the dLive DX32 expander rack, PRIME can be used in conjunction with existing I/O, with users able to tailor or scale the system to their requirements, from select channels up to multiple fully-loaded racks.

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PRIME Input and Output modules are intended to make the most of the dLive’s XCVI FPGA core. Allen & Heath’s managing director, Rob Clark, explained, “As our XCVI core is a defacto 96 kHz platform, we realized we were able to exploit I/O converter technologies that are optimized for these higher sampling rates, providing audiophile levels of transparency without compromising latency or bandwidth.

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“These higher resolution converters led us to also investigate different types of interface electronics in the analog circuitry, including Nichicon FG Fine Gold Capacitors, and enhancements to power supplies, grounding and shielding. This in turn resulted in further performance improvements, slashing THD and noise and vastly improving on typical slew rates. After extensive development and endless listening tests, we’re there,” Clark continued.

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