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Allen & Heath Releases dLive Console Firmware V1.8

The dLive firmware update includes features aimed at monitor engineers.

New York, NY (March 25, 2019)—Allen & Heath has updated its flagship dLive mixing system with the release of the latest firmware update, V1.8, which adds a number of new features.

V1.8 adds Mix Control Association (MCA), bringing the concept of DCA groups and spills to monitor engineers, enabling control over multiple AUX/MTX sends via a single fader.

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Also new are A/B/C/D inputs, enabling up to four input sockets to be assigned to every input channel; there’s also selection of sockets via SoftKeys, which will allow users to rapidly switch to a backup microphone, or to pre-recorded files on a playback system.

The addition of 12 assignable Talkback Groups, which can be populated with any combination of the available mix busses, simplifies talkback routing with SoftKey controls, enabling the engineer to switch between different talkback destinations such as musicians, technicians or other production staff.

V1.8 sees the introduction of the ‘OptTronik’ compressor, inspired by a certain tube-driven, electro-optical levelling amplifier often used on vocals and bass guitar.

V1.8 also brings other new features and improvements to the system, such as Undo Scene Store, Mix to PAFL and Solo in Place (SIP).

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