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Alteros Debuts Direct-to-Fiber Extension

Extension builds on existing GTX digital wireless microphone system.

Stow, OH (December 14, 2018)—Alteros has introduced its Direct-to-Fiber extension for the Alteros GTX 6.5 GHz Ultra Wide Band digital wireless microphone system.

The standard GTX system allows up to 32 GTX32 transceivers to each be connected to a 3U GTX3224 control unit with up to 1,000 feet of Cat 5 cable, creating a L.A.W.N. (local area wireless microphone network) system to communicate bidirectionally with up to 24 GTX24 wireless microphone transmitters—24 microphone channels and 24 talkback channels with an additional eight group channels.

Alteros Debuts GTX L.A.W.N. Wireless Handheld Transmitters

With the introduction of the GTX3224F control unit version, 16 rear-panel Cat 5 transceiver ports are replaced with six fiber ports. Fiber connections measured in miles instead of feet can connect the control unit to up to six GTX-FX8 8-port fiber breakout nodes for remote Cat 5 connection to the network and power for to up to 48 GTX32 transceivers (up to 16 GTX32s can be connected directly to the GTX3224F by Cat 5 for a total capability of 64).

The result is a system intended to cover extremely large venues, and multiple locations within a venue; proving the point, ESPN deployed a Alteros Direct-to-Fiber GTX system for coverage of the 2018 US Open Tennis Championships.

The Alteros GTX system operates in interference-free spectrum using true-digital, UWB pulse signals and MESH and network technology.

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