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Alto Empire Powered Mixer Series

Alto Professional is now shipping eight new mixers in its Empire powered mixer series. Up to 2,000 watts of Class D power can be attained from the line, available in either tabletop or cabinet-style designs.

The Empire TMX tabletop mixers are available with 8, 12, 16 or 20 channel sizes and each includes onboard digital effects. The 8, 12 and 16 channel models provide bi-amped, Class D power at 2 x 350 Watts, 2 x 500 Watts and 2 x 750 Watts, respectively. The 20-channel model provides bi-amped, digital power of 2 x 750 Watts + 2 x 500 Watts.

The Empire RMX cabinet mixers provide eight channels of mixing, EQ, onboard effects and plenty of power: 500 Watts mono/250 Watts stereo for RMX505DFX; 1000 Watts mono/500 Watts stereo for RMX1008DFX; 1500 Watts mono/750 Watts stereo for RMX1508DFX; and 2 x 1000 at 8 ohms bridged/4 x 500 Watts at 4 ohms for RMX2408DFX.

Prices: TBA

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