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Alto Professional TRUESONIC Loudspeakers

Alto Professional has announced four new TRUESONIC speakers, TS112, TS115, TSSUB15 and TSSUB18. The TRUESONIC TS112 and TS115 offer an 800W and 1000W peak power rating, respectively. Each features a durable, lightweight polypropylene enclosure that’s stand mountable for weekend gigs and flyable for permanent installations. The cabinet’s trapezoidal design greatly decreases the resonance in the cabinet for a more true and exact sound reproduction. The TS112 and TS115 each come with a complete front grille from top to bottom that protects not only the low frequency driver, but the high frequency driver as well. The TS112 is rated at 400W program and 200W continuous. The TS115 is rated at 500W program and 1000W continuous. 

The TRUESONIC TSSUB18 and TSSUB15 active subwoofers offer a 18-inch LF long-excursion driver and 15-inch LF long-excursion driver, respectively. Tuned to provide deep low end, the TSSUB18 and TSSUB15 are capable of producing sound from 42Hz to 125Hz (TSSUB15) and 37Hz to125Hz (TSSUB18). Both offer stereo inputs, an internal active crossover, and are housed in compact, 18mm Baltic Birch cabinets. Each offers 1200 Watts of power and features a 3-inch voice coil.

Prices: TBA

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