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Alto Professional TRUESONIC Wireless TS112W and TS115W Powered Loudspeakers

Alto Professional now offers two new powered, wireless loudspeakers: TRUESONIC Wireless TS112W and TS115W at approximately $399 and $449, respectively. The TRUESONIC Wireless TS112W and TS115Wpowered speakers provide “exceptionally clean, transparent sound from wired or wireless sources,” offers Alto Pro. TRUESONIC Wireless simplifies the connection to multiple devices with the ability to play audio from any Bluetooth audio-equipped device such as an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or other smart phone. In addition, both TS112W and TS115W include two mic/line female XLR/quarter-inch combo inputs with independent gain controls.

TheTRUESONIC Wireless TS112W and TS115W, are two-way 12- and 15-inch models, respectively, with 800 watts of Class D power and an SPL of 125 dB for the TS112W and 126 dB for the TS115W. 

Stay tuned to pages of Pro Audio Review and for a full review of the TS115W.

Prices: $499 and $549 (TS112W and TS115W, respectively) 

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