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AmpliVox Unveils AirVox PA System

New system is intended to cover audiences of up to 3,000 people.

Northbrook, IL (July 5, 2018) – AmpliVox Sound Systems has released its new AirVox Mobile PA, a wireless portable PA system intended for use in large venues of up to 3,000 people.

The battery-operated AirVox consists of a master PA unit and two companion speakers, and is intended for lecture halls, auditoriums, houses of worship and the like.

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The AirVox includes a 50-watt amp, horizontally-aligned wide dispersion speakers and an integrated Bluetooth module. AmpliVox offers options for multiple wireless microphones and accessory bundles that allow users to customize the audio system as needed.

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The system includes an AC power-cord for continuous operation when connected to a standard AC wall-outlet, and facilitates charging the included internal sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. On a full charge, the system can reportedly operate up to 10 hours on its SLA batteries’ power.

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