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AMS Neve Unveils GenesysControl Plug-In

New Plug-In integrates the Neve Genesys Black console and DAWs together.

Nashville, TN (July 22, 2019)—At Summer NAMM, AMS Neve announced the Neve GenesysControl plug-in; Analogue – Automated.

The plug-in provides total integration between the Neve Genesys Black and modern DAW workflows and likewise extends the feature set of the Genesys Black.

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The GenesysControl plug-in can be applied in the DAW to a mono, stereo or master track and can be assigned to control selected channels on the console, allowing automation without sacrificing the instant recall of in-the-box workflows. This enables the user to mix traditionally using the console, to work in-the-box, or a combination of both approaches as needed.

The elements which can be controlled and automated include all EQ and Dynamics parameters and in/out switching, Aux in/out switching, Channel path faders and cuts, Monitor path faders and Cuts, Channel Insert in/out switching, Reverb Return levels and in/out switching, Aux Master in/out switching, Main mix fader and cut/insert in/out switching, IMR (Insert Mix Return/parallel processing) in/out switching, and 8-Track faders/cuts/insert in/out switching. The names shown by the alpha-numeric displays can also be renamed using the plugin.

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The GenesysControl plug-in automatically recognizes the fitted Genesys analogue processing hardware and all parameter changes are written as standard DAW automation. Supported DAWs are Pro Tools (AAX) and Cubase/Nuendo (VST), with Logic support to follow later in 2019 (some automation features are restricted within Logic).

The GenesysControl plugin is priced at $695.

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