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Antares’ Auto-Tune Pro Ships

The new edition of Auto-Tune includes numerous user-requested features.

Santa Cruz, CA (April 27, 2018)—Antares Technologies’ Auto-Tune Pro pitch-correction software has shipped.

Auto-Tune Pro features a new interface that has been redesigned in an effort to streamline workflow. The update adds ARA (Audio Random Access) support and incorporates user-requested features such as Classic Mode for creating the legendary Auto-Tune 5 sound.

The software offers new Interface Modes; an Automatic mode lets users select Basic View, which provides a simplified work environment pared down to Auto-Tune’s four most-used functions; or Advanced view, which offers more-comprehensive controls. Meanwhile, Classic Mode brings back the Auto-Tune 5 DSP algorithm for users who want to create the infamous Auto-Tune 5 sound.

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The software now offers Automatic Key Detection via its included Auto-Key plug-in which automatically detects music key and scale and sends those parameters to one or more instances of Auto-Tune Pro automatically.

The new edition also includes Audio Random Access support for compatible VST3 DAWs, allowing closer integration and exchange of information between audio plug-ins and host applications (digital audio workstations). Users can now edit in Auto-Tune Pro’s Graph Mode without first playing through the selection to track the audio into Auto-Tune.

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Auto-Tune Pro’s Graphical Mode interface has been redesigned from the ground up, incorporating a larger Main Graph, greater zoom resolution, programmable zoom presets, and reconfigured controls. Hand in hand with that, Auto-Tune Pro offers complete support for Retina and other high-resolution screen displays.

With MIDI CC Control of parameters In Automatic Mode, users can apply a MIDI controller to make real-time adjustments to Auto-Tune parameters such as Retune Speed, Flex-Tune, Humanize, Throat Length and Vibrato functions.

Auto-Tune Pro lists for $399; customers who purchased Auto-Tune 8 this year will receive a free upgrade to Auto-Tune Pro, while users of any previous version can upgrade for $129.

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