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Antelope Audio Introduces Synergy Core FX Platform

New DSP effects platform leads to update of Discrete Interface line.

Santa Monica, CA (July 3, 2019)—Antelope Audio has introduced its Synergy Core signal processing platform for its Discrete 4 and Discrete 8 audio interfaces, resulting in the units being renamed Discrete 4 Synergy Core and Discrete 8 Synergy Core.

Each of the Thunderbolt / USB Interfaces sports discrete mic preamps (4 and 8, respectively) and provide AD/DA conversion, capturing and monitoring audio at up to 192 kHz/24-bit resolution with 121 dB dynamic range on the Discrete 4 and 130 dB on the Discrete 8. Dual DSP chips and an FPGA processor work together to host Antelope’s vintage-inspired effects plug-ins (plus any third-party effects joining the Synergy Core platform), freeing up an audio production-purposed host computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) while processing effects with reportedly low latency.

In Search of the Perfect Signal Chain

The Discrete 4 Synergy Core offers four discrete mic preamps, plus a total of 14 inputs (including four Line-1/4” Jack | Mic-XLR combi inputs for mic/line/instrument sources) and 16 outputs (including L and R monitor outputs and Line Out on four TRS connections), expandable via ADAT In Out and S/PDIF In Out on TOSlink.

Discrete 4 Synergy Core comes with 36 Real-Time FPGA FX from Antelope Audio; 35 optional additions are also available. All are automatable within a DAW without adversely affecting CPU load, due to the AFX2DAW bridge (currently available for Thunderbolt on macOS only).

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The rack-mountable Discrete 8 Synergy Core sports eight console-grade, discrete mic preamps and a total of 26 inputs, including eight Line-1/4” Jack | Mic- XLR combi inputs for mic/line/instrument sources, and 30 outputs, including L and R monitor outputs and two reamp outputs on TRS connections, and Line Out 1-8 on a D-SUB 25 connector, expandable via dual ADAT (In 1 Out 1 and In 2 Out 2) and S/PDIF In Out on TOSlink, plus a footswitch jack. It, too, comes with 36 Real-Time FPGA FX.

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