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Antelope Audio Ships EDGE Strip Bundle

Bundle brings together EDGE modeling microphone and Discrete MP preamp.

Santa Monica, CA (March 9, 2018)—Antelope Audio has shipped its new EDGE Strip bundle, comprised of the EDGE modeling microphone and specifically-designed Discrete MP discrete dual ultra-linear microphone preamp, aiming to emulate a locker-full of vintage mics and rack-full of outboard gear.

The Discrete MP was created to match the frequency response of the EDGE, a large-diaphragm modeling microphone featuring dual edge-terminated capsules. The EDGE Strip-bundled Discrete MP dual-input microphone preamplifier contains the same transistor schematic used in the Discrete line of Thunderbolt & USB Interfaces.

The bundle includes free native-format Fusion AFX Pack plug-ins, with several microphone and preamp emulations alongside the BA 1073 EQ and STAY-LEVIN compressor, designed by Igor Levin at Antelope Audio.

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On the microphone emulation side, offerings include Berlin 47 FT; Berlin 67, emulating a tube condenser microphone with cardioid, omni, and figure eight polar patterns; Berlin 87, intended for recording brass sections, guitars, overheads, piano, percussion, strings, and vocals; and Tokyo 800T, a vintage tube mic intended for vocal recording. Other emulations include Antelope V76, Giraffe G9, and BAE 1073 MP preamp.

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Discrete MP includes two Inputs on Mic-XLR and Line-Use 1/4” jack, offering 20 dBu max balanced @ 2 kΩ (XLR only) and 29 dBu max balanced @ 13 K to ground (TRS only); two TRS outputs (22dBu max); USB control I/O (USB 2.0 Full-Speed Type B for remote control only); and a mic preamp pushing out an accomplished gain range of 0 dB to 61 dB (in 1 dB steps) alongside 48 V phantom power.

The bundle is available at an MSRP of $1,295.00.

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