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Antelope, BAE Add More Classic FX

Antelope Audio has announced a new update that makes new FPGA-based vintage EQs available for its interfaces.

Santa Monica, CA (January 4, 2017)—Antelope Audio has announced a new update that makes new FPGA-based vintage EQs available for its interfaces.

The new update is a result of continued collaboration between Antelope and preamplifier and EQ manufacturer BAE Audio, with two new EQ models based on the company’s 1023 and 1084 equalizers. Four additional equalizers round out the update, which is already available as a free download for users of the Orion Studio, Zen Tour, Goliath, and Orion32+ users.

“The wealth of audio processing tools that are now available on many of our interfaces as FPGA FX transforms them into incredibly versatile sound-shaping tools,” opined Marcel James, director of U.S. Sales for Antelope Audio. “Not only are we making incredible vintage processing available to a wider audience than ever before, but we are recreating every nuance of these classic hardware units as faithfully as possible, capturing the qualities that made them the lifeblood of so many hit records.”

In addition to the BAE 1023 and 1084, the new update will include recreations of early Austrian consoles of the 1970s and ‘80s in the VEQ-STU 089, VEQ-STU 169 and VEQ-STU 900, as well as a beloved classic 4-band equalizer in the VEQ HA32C. These new FPGA-based effects bring a total of 20 vintage equalizers to the Antelope Audio ecosystem. Other available vintage FPGA FX models include compressors and guitar and bass amplifier and cabinet models.

The BAE Audio 1023 models a classic ’70s British equalizer known for granting its studio magic to any audio that passes through it. The BAE Audio 1084 is synonymous with the fat, vintage sound of classic British consoles. The VEQ-STU 169 captures the more transparent sound of second-generation Austrian consoles of the ‘70s and ‘80s. The VEQ-STU 900 captures the most advanced implementation of this classic line of console EQs, offering another level of control.

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