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AP Launches New Flagship

NEW YORK, NY—Audio Precision has announced a new flagship audio analyzer, the APx555.

Audio Precision’s new flagship audio analyzer, the APx555. NEW YORK, NY—Audio Precision has announced a new flagship audio analyzer, the APx555. The APx555 outperforms the company’s previous performance leader, the SYS-2700, while blending an update of that device’s power user operator interface with the simplicity of the APx style, production-oriented, sequence mode software control. The APx555 extends the analog performance of the APx series beyond that of the SYS- 2700, with “the lowest noise and distortion” ever offered in an audio analyzer, according to Tom Kite, VP, Engineering for AP.

The numbers cited to Pro Sound News during a briefing on the APx555 include a typical residual THD+N of -120 dB (with the specification a conservative -117 dB). That’s 5 dB better than the SYS-2700 and 19 dB better than the closest competition, claims Spyros Lazaris, VP, Sales and Marketing In mono mode, the measurement bandwidth can extend to 1 MHz. Up to 1.2 million point FFT resolution is available.

Beyond the performance specifications, the APx555 bests the SYS- 2700 in interface and clocking capabilities, embracing a wide range of professional and consumer interface types. Jitter generation and analysis capabilities as well as interface signal degradation tests have been expanded with the new hardware.

The APx555 is slated to begin shipping in October. The standard configuration, which includes “Advanced Digital I/O” and the “Advanced Master Clock,” will list at $28,300. The Bench Mode operator interface will be available for the other APx series devices, included in software version 4.0 on all models except the APx515, where the upgrade is $2000.
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