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Aphex EX•BB 500 Series Module featuring Aural Exciter and Big Bottom

Aphex has launched the EX•BB 500 module, which introduces the company’s Aural Exciter and Big Bottom patented audio enhancement technologies to the 500 Series format. The mono EX•BB 500 module is the first release in a new line of 500 Series products being launched in 2012 by Aphex.

The new EX•BB 500 module offers discrete Tune, Harmonics and Mix controls “that enable users to increase intelligibility to vocals, add punch and presence to individual instruments, and add detail and airiness to mixes,” offers the company. Optical Big Bottom processing “extends low frequency power and spectrum, providing a richer and more percussive sound, even at very low volume, while avoiding the level build-up associated with traditional equalization.” The module includes Tune, Drive and Mix controls, allowing the user to dial-in “thickness” and dynamically enhance the low frequency range.

Price: TBA

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