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Aphex HeadPod 4 Four-Channel Headphone Amplifier/Stereo D/A Converter

Aphex’s second-generation HeadPod — the HeadPod 4 — is a compact and portable headphone amplifier capable of driving four separate stereo outputs with individual level controls from the selected input source. HeadPod 4 combines four independent Aphex stereo amplifiers and a stereo D/A converter in a metal housing, all for $199 street. 

According to Aphex, “Headphone amp designs built on a single channel of amplification suffer from degraded sound quality and volume levels when multiple, mismatched headphone loads are connected. HeadPod 4 overcomes the limitations of typical headphone amps through the use of four completely independent stereo amplifier channels that ensure minimum distortion and crosstalk regardless of the headphone loads connected, resulting in consistent volume levels, crystal clear audio and no clipping.” 

Controls include a separate level control for each of the outputs together with a master level control and an input source selector. The rear of the unit houses a pair of balanced quarter-inch jacks, a single stereo headphone extension input and a digital S/PDIF connection.

PAR previously reviewed and bench-tested the first-generation Aphex HeadPod, the HeadPod 454, which you can read here: 

Price: $249 list

Contact: Aphex |