API JDK Audio R22 Compressor

A 2-channel, rackmount compressor with a patented Thrust circuit for chest-hitting low end.
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JDK Audio | www.jdkaudio.com
The fourth product from JDK Audio, the new brand developed and engineered by API, is the R22, a 2-channel, rackmount compressor with linkable stereo operation that uses “true RMS power summing, a patented Thrust circuit for chest-hitting low end, and easy-to-use, refreshingly musical control of all parameters.” The R22 interconnects with both balanced XLR and 1/4-inch inputs and outputs.

It features LED indicators and switchable analog metering of the output level and gain reduction, switchable hard- or soft-knee compression and variable threshold, ratio and makeup gain controls to “deliver a wide range of compression textures for an equally wide range of source material.” The R22 is based on the inline compressor formerly found only on Paragon consoles.