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Apple Releases Logic Pro X

Apple released its newest version of Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, today, issuing the long-awaited update after years of development.
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Apple's Logic Pro X features a new user interface.

Cupertino, CA (July 16, 2013)—Apple released its newest version of Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, today, issuing the long-awaited update after years of development.

Downloadable from apple.com and its app store, Logic Pro X features a new interface, as well as a number ofnew creative tools for musicians and an expandable collection of instruments and effects. Among the new features is Drummer, a virtual session player that automatically plays along with a song in a variety of drumming styles and techniques; and Flex Pitch, an integrated pitch editing feature for audio recordings.

Apple also introduced the new Logic Remote, a new way to play and control Logic Pro X from your iPad.

Logic Pro X offers users an updated look and new creative tools for songwriting and music production. Drummer delivers professionally produced, realistic drum tracks that respond to your direction in the form of the rock, alternative, songwriter and R&B genres. Drummer is powered by the performances and sounds of session players and recording engineers, including legendary mixer/producer Bob Clearmountain (Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Simple Minds, Crowded House, David Bowie).

Drummer, a new addition to Logic, provides a variety of drum performances and styles that can be played along with user's songs.

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Flex Pitch helps users fix out-of-tune vocals and change the melodies of recorded audio by manipulating individual notes within an audio waveform. Track Stacks lets users organize and collapse multiple tracks into one, or can be used to create layered instruments. Smart Controls allow users to manipulate multiple plug-ins and parameters at once.

Logic Pro X also expands Logic Pro’s collection of synthesizers and keyboards with more instruments, including the Arpeggiator, one of nine new MIDI plug-ins.

Another new addition is Logic Remote, a controller app designed for the iPad.

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MainStage 3, a major update to MainStage, is the live performance companion app for Logic Pro X. MainStage 3 features a new user interface and maintains compatibility with the new Logic Pro X plug-ins, Patches and Smart Controls.