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Arista Unveils E-Vocal Duo+ AoIP Group

New line interfaces between data networks and analog & digital audio devices

Fremont, CA (October 10, 2019)—Arista Corporation has introduced its E-Vocal Duo+ (Plus) Audio over IP product group.

Consisting of three models, the E-Vocal Duo+ product group includes the ARS-0202-A00 analog audio-o Dante to analog audio interface; the ARS-2020-A11 dual XLR microphone to Dante interface; and the ARS-0202-B11 dual XLR microphone to Dante interface with an SFP connector Fiber interface.

The E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-0202-A00 can be used to connect legacy audio gear to the Dante world, allowing two channels of analog audio input to be integrated into a Dante network. Conversely, it also converts a Dante stream into two channels of analog audio output signal. The interface is equipped with an RJ45 copper network interface.

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The Arista E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-2020-A11 and E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-2020-B11 are both dual XLR microphone to Dante interfaces bring dynamic or condenser microphones into Dante networks. Two audio signal outputs enable Lip-Sync delay of up to 170 ms/ch (fs = 48 kHz) to synchronize the audio stream to the video stream. Both units have a built-in web-based controller for microphone gain control and Lip-Sync delay control. The E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-2020-11 is equipped with an RJ45 copper network interface while the E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-2020-B11 has an SFP connector for Fiber interface.

The copper interface units (E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-0202-A00 and E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-2020-A11) can be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or 12VDC, while the Fiber-equipped E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-2020-B11 interface is powered by 12VDC.

The interfaces offer lockable audio and network connections, are AES67 compliant, use 24-bit A/D conversion, and also sport dual power input options including a Power over Ethernet switch, PoE injector (802.3 af/at class 1), or DC 12V.

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The product group is expected to become available Q4 2019.

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