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ART Debuts TRANS Y Compressor

Two-channel discrete transistor FET-based compressor/limiter to debut at NAMM.

Niagara Falls, NY (January 19, 2018)—Applied Research and Technology has released its new ART Trans Y, a two-channel solid-state compressor/limiter.

The Trans Y has a servo controlled FET gain reduction circuit paired with a detented ratio control to provide reliable, repeatable results. An onboard de-esser can be used to reduce sibilance when compressing vocals, and a detector loop with separate input and output jacks allows for contoured compression.

The ART Trans Y has a 10-segment peak sensitive level meter that can monitor either the input or the output. It also offers a +4/-10 I/O switch intended to optimize the signal to noise for operation with a wide range of equipment, and a link for stereo mode to make all channel one control the master.

The Trans Y is housed in a standard 1U rack-mountable steel chassis intended to ensure durability for use on the road or in a studio.

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