Arturia Origin Hardware Synthesizer, V1.4 Firmware Update


Arturia has announced availability of the latest V1.4 firmware update for both the keyboard and desktop versions of its buzzed-about Origin hardware synthesizer. Origin houses several synth classics and associated components in one DSP-based modular system. V1.4 firmware allows users to "mix and match" more modules by introducing True Analogue Emulation (TAE) of the Oberheim SEM filter found on the legendary Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module (SEM). The new SEMFilter module widens Origin’s sound palette based on its ability to continuously sweep from LP to Notch and HP modes,  just like Oberheim’s original. "Upon its introduction in 1974, the SEM was originally conceived as a way of beefing up weaker-sounding compatible analogue synths, or performing simplistic sequenced parts, before becoming a sought-after sound in its own right," explains Arturia marketing materials.

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Prices: $3,499 and $3,200 (keyboard and desktop models, respectively)

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