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ARX Systems Debuts ZoneMix Mixer

The new mixer is intended to work with material sourced from multimedia devices.

Melbourne, Australia (January 18, 2019)— ARX Systems’ new ZoneMix is a multi-channel Mic/Line Zone Mixer intended to work with a variety of material sourced from multimedia devices.

The 1RU unit includes a Wireless audio receiver, a USB connector and MiniJack inputs, each with their own individual level controls. Each Microphone channel on the ZoneMix has a Balanced Low Noise Mic input, plus individual Gain and Level controls.

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The Mic input can be switched to be a Line input as required and the Stereo Line Input 3/4 has a rear panel input trim control, as well as front panel output level controls.

There are also Zone 1 and 2 Stereo Master level controls, and the Zone 1 and 2 Stereo Master Output XLR connectors can be switched to Mono if required, using rear panel switches.

The front panel has LED indicators for Wireless audio, USB active and AC power and LED output level meters that show -30dB – 0dB and Clip on each set of Zone Outputs.