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At InfoComm: Ashly Audio Unleashes Wave of Gear

The manufacturer is introducing 11 new products at InfoComm.

Orlando, FL (June 11, 2019)—Ashly Audio has nearly a dozen new products on hand at InfoComm 2019—a collection that the company says is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the solutions it will continue to roll out in the near future.

Noel Larson, vice president of Marketing and Business Development, noted the company is showing “integrated products, which bring multiple capabilities into a single RU, as well as offerings that complete selling solutions for our key vertical markets, such as with the new amplifier offerings as well as an amazing new control software in AquaControl.”

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Key to that is the mXa-1502 Mixer Amp; first announced at NAMM, the produce is now in production, providing four zones of mixing and DSP, plus 2 x 150W of power and programmable mic preamps and a complete DSP suite.

Aimed for installation in retail, hospitality, and house of worship, the unit is designed to that integrators can perform system configuration and deliver long-term service via the mixer amp’s built-in web server, which offers a web-based control platform. If an end user requires assistance, an integrator could first login to the controls remotely online before rolling a truck out to the site.

Further, the control system, AquaControl, has been designed to provide an intuitive interface, with different levels of control for both the beginner user and the integrator.

Ashly Audio’s new CA Series Power Amplifier line consists of six models – three two-channel models and three four-channel models – that come in 500-Watt, 1,000-Watt and 1,500-Watt per channel (@ 4 Ohms) versions. The CA Series is also designed for stable operation @ 2 Ohms and 70V.

Each unit incorporates Ashly’s D-MAX technology, based around proprietary power supply design and energy management systems, as well as an advanced control system implementation. Dynamic Power-Factor Correction tracks fluctuations in current, rather than just sampling at the peaks. Also, a new SailFlow cooling design brings a bi-lateral air-cooling system that maintains a low operational temperature.

Meanwhile, the FA Series Power Amplifier line consists of two half-RU versions, which come in four-channel (4 x 125W) or two-channel (2 x 125W) configurations. A 1RU is also available in a four channel (4 x 250W) configuration. All three amplifiers are convection cooled and are Energy Star rated.

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The new AquaControl software, intended to power future Ashly solutions, is browser-based so it works on any browser-enabled device without an app being necessary. Combined with the new line-up of web-enabled products, it is intended to save time and costs for both the integrator and end user, while opening up the opportunity for ongoing service contracts that allow long-term support.

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