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At AES: AudioSourceRE Debuts DeMIX Deconstruction Software

Pulling individual elements from a mixed track via specialized software is now a reality with the debut of AudioSourceRE

New York (October 19, 2018)—DeMIX Pro and DeMIX Essentials are two new audio source separation programs from AudioSourceRE. The software is built around sound isolation algorithms, along with a spectral audio editor and built-in multi-channel mixer, to allow users to isolate vocals, drums and other instruments from a mixed audio source.

DeMIX Pro features include unlimited, non-destructive track separations; merge tracks functions; multi-track spectral editor, mixer and unmatched stability.

Meanwhile, DeMIX Essentials is aimed at DJs, producers, musicians and educators who want to create a-capellas, backing tracks, isolated drum tracks and samples from existing audio mixes. DeMIX Essentials separates vocals, drums, and other instruments to create up to four separate audio stems.

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The software already has its fans, with Mark Linett (The Beach Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Declaring, “DeMIX Pro is the best extraction software I have ever used.” DeMIX Essentials runs for $179, while DeMIX Pro is for $749.

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