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At AES: Dynaudio’s New M5P Speakers

Dynaudio has released its new custom- built M5P Evidence mastering monitor at the 141st AES show in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA (September 29, 2016)—Dynaudio has released its new custom-built M5P Evidence mastering monitor at the 141st AES show in Los Angeles.

Specifically designed for mastering applications, the M5P Evidence monitor is a passive floor-standing studio monitor, derived from the Evidence Platinum High-End speaker and is the first studio monitor to feature the company’s Dynaudio Directivity Control , created in an effort to reduce reflections from floors and ceilings.

Dynaudio Directivity Control is based around a vertical, symmetrical drive unit array and an elaborate crossover topology. With two tweeters, two mid-range drivers and four woofers per loudspeaker, the energy radiated to the room’s floor and ceiling is said to be reduced by approximately 75 percent. 

To implement DDC in the lower frequencies, the woofer cabinets are positioned directly above and below the midrange and high frequency driver middle section, aiming to provide a more equally spread radiation of the lower frequencies into the room.

The basic design is a 5-way crossover approach, featuring 4 x 7” woofers, 2 x 5” midrange cones and 2 x 28mm tweeters with crossover frequencies at 290 Hz, 480 Hz, 2.2 kHz and 8.5 kHz. The frequency response area covers 28 Hz to 25 kHz and the speakers are capable of handling up to 550 W at 4 Ohms.