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At AES: Ocean Way Audio HR2, HR4 Unveiled

Ocean Way founder Allen Sides unveils new powered nearfield monitors.

Ocean Way Audio (OWA) unveiled two new near-field monitors at AES, the HR4 and the Pro2A. Based on OWA’s HR2 speaker, the HR4 is a two-way, self-powered monitor featuring a frequency range of 45Hz to over 20kHz with an SPL of 115 dB; as such, no subwoofer is required, reports OWA. However, a companion self-powered sub, the S12A, is available for high SPL monitoring environments, feasibly pushing levels beyond 118 dB with frequency response down to 30 Hz, based on published specs.

The HR2 (pictured with OWA founder Allen Sides) is their most affordable model, reportedly adapted from the hi-fi speaker designs of Bruce Marien, OWA director of engineering. In a unique trapezoidal cabinet, the powered HR2 boasts specs of 38 Hz – 22 kHz response and maximum SPL of 110 dB.

Stay tuned to ProSoundNetwork for a future review of both the HR2 and HR4.

Ocean Way Audio