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At AES: Sanken Reprises CU Series Condenser Mics

Initially discontinued in the U.S., the microphones have been brought back by Sanken.

New York, NY (October 18, 2018)—At AES, Sanken Chromatic Microphones has revived its CU-31 and CU-32 compact condenser recording microphones. Initially discontinued in the U.S., Sanken has brought back the mics as part of the Sanken Chromatic series.

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Relatively similar, the CU-31 features an on-axis pickup pattern while the CU-32 has a perpendicular side-firing pattern, but both feature Sanken’s original Push-Pull type capsule design. In addition to their maximum SPL of 148 dB at 1% THD, the mics reportedly offer a frequency response from 20 Hz to 18,000 Hz.

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Less than 5 inches in length, the CU-31 and CU-32 are small, lightweight microphones intended for use recording acoustic guitar, brass and woodwinds, chorus vocals, drums, strings, and sound effects. The mics each house a light, corrosion-free, one-micron titanium diaphragm.

Their MSRP is $995 each.

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