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At AES: Useful Arts Unveils SFP-30 Preamplifier

New mic preamplifier draws on the past without cloning it.

New York, NY (October 18, 2018)—At the AES Convention, Useful Arts Audio has released its new SFP-30 microphone preamplifier, which aims to harken back to the time-honored preamps of the 1960s without being a clone of them per se.

Instead, the SFP-30 aims to replicate the sound of Useful Arts Audio’s SFP-60 tube microphone preamp, but at a lower price. Inside the tabletop design is a one-channel Class-A mic tube preamp with a variable control for second-order harmonic distortion.

Useful Arts Unveils SFP-60 Preamp

Peter Swann, founder of Useful Arts Audio, designed the SFP-30 with different gain stages to utilize the tubes for accentuating harmonics. As a result, the preamp includes a ‘Color’ control provides “artistic” distortion.

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The SFP-30 also uses a massive inductor, providing a reported maximum headroom of more than 55 dB of useable gain.

The SFP-30 runs $1299 MAP.

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