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At InfoComm: AVB Advances with Milan Protocol

The standards-based protocol Milan was unveiled at InfoComm.

Las Vegas, NV (June 7, 2018)—AVB networking took a leap forward at InfoComm 2018 with the introduction of Milan, which is said to be the first fully realized, standards-based protocol built for deterministic, interoperable, future-proof media networking in the pro AV market.

Created by manufacturers including AudioScience, Avid, Biamp, d&b audiotechnik, L-Acoustics, Luminex and Meyer Sound working under the umbrella of Avnu Alliance, Milan is a user-driven protocol for professional media that guarantees that all Milan devices will work together.

The protocol builds on the technical benefits of the IEEE audio-video bridging (AVB) open standards, such as time synchronization and guaranteed quality of service, as well as risk-free coexistence of control and media data on one network. Milan further defines device requirements at both the network and the application layer for compatible media streams, formats, media clocking, redundancy and controller software.

“After carefully considering what end users were trying to accomplish, and the challenges and risks associated with using other protocols, AVB was a natural choice for implementing a high-quality media network,” said Jeff Rocha, director product management, L-Acoustics.

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“We also recognize that there has been no application-layer interoperability defined above the network foundation. This application-level interoperability is critical to delivering on the promise of AVB: simple, reliable network operation, guaranteed performance and sustainability. Milan leverages the benefits of AVB to deliver a user-driven solution for networked AV that guarantees interoperability among pro AV devices.”

Supporting all types of media, Milan is an open, deterministic network protocol, ensuring on-time delivery of audio, video and data, while co-existing with other Ethernet traffic without risk of dropouts or degradation of media. As a development extension managed openly by Avnu Alliance pro AV segment members, work is in progress to deploy a new streamlined testing and certification program from Avnu Alliance to support this new network solution for implementation by pro AV manufacturers.

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“The Milan initiative is a long-term approach to change the way the pro AV market does AV networking,” said John McMahon, Meyer Sound and Avnu Alliance pro AV segment chair. ”We encourage companies seeking a technically superior network, that guarantees interoperability and is not limited by the confines of proprietary products, to join us and participate in building out this ecosystem.

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