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At InfoComm: EAW Unveils Otto

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has debuted Otto, a new subwoofer supporting the company's Anya 3-way full-range loudspeaker system.

Las Vegas, NV (June 19, 2014)—Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has debuted Otto, a new subwoofer supporting the company’s Anya 3-way full-range loudspeaker system.

Loaded with two 18-inch woofers-with acoustic energy exiting from four spaced apertures in the corners of the enclosure-each Otto module provides output of 131 dB (1 meter, continuous, full-space) bolstered by response that reportedly extends all the way down to 22 Hz (-10 dB).

As with the Anya full-range modules, each Otto transducer is separately powered and processed, allowing multiple directivity patterns to be created from a single module. Also like Anya, Otto modules can readily be combined in arrays.

EAW says each module is engineered to generate any three-dimensional wavefront surface and determine the processing needed to achieve optimum coverage and tonal balance for the specific application. EAW Resolution software generates DSP parameters to simultaneously adapt the 3D wavefront surface and optimize frequency response to match the requirements of a venue.

EAW’s Otto G24 package supports two single columns, each with 12 Otto modules, that can be suspended from a single flybar. The columns are joined by distribution racks flown adjacent to the flybar of each array as well as full network redundancy in the form of primary and secondary networks connected to each module.

Cabling for the distro rack is provided in the form of four power looms to power the top six modules in an array, two loom extenders to drive the bottom six modules in an array, and four short and long network looms for networking the array modules.

For extended array configurations, a G24 package can be subdivided into multiple columns per array with the addition of supplemental flybars and cabling.