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At InfoComm: Yamaha Updates Active Field Control System

Latest edition will upgrade DSP and hardware aspects of AFC system.

Orlando, FL (June 12, 2019)—Yamaha has announced an upgrade to its Active Field Control (AFC) acoustic conditioning system. Expected this fall, the new AFC4 (fourth generation) system features upgrades in digital signal processing (DSP) and hardware, and will allow AFC4 operators to enhance or create a space with an organic-sounding acoustical environment.

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First released in 1985, Active Field Control systems aim to augment the architectural design of venues while maintaining the sonic characteristics of a space. The new AFC4 system is said to provide improved sound quality through its expanded DSP power and connectivity.

The processor’s sampling rate, fixed FIR taps, FIR presets and configurable FIR tap settings have all been upgraded, and the system is now equipped with a FIR EQ in favor of the previous AFC3 version’s parametric EQ. The new upgrade will also offer more connectivity options, with 32 mic inputs and 96 output channels.

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“With our collective knowledge in musical instruments, professional audio products and performance space design, Yamaha has unique insights into the nature and behavior of sound creation and acoustics,” said Joe Rimstidt, systems design engineer, Yamaha Professional Audio department. “The new AFC4 system incorporates that vast expertise and adds enhanced performance, sound quality and flexibility making it even easier to create incredibly natural and immersive acoustic experiences for audience members and performers.”

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