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At NAB: RME Launches Digiface Dante, Digiface AVB

The Digiface Series expands with the new additions aimed at the Broadcast industry.

Las Vegas, NV (April 10, 2018)—German interface manufacturer RME has introduced its new Digiface Dante and Digiface AVB units at the NAB Show.

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The Digiface Dante mobile audio interface provides transmission of up to 64 Dante channels and 64 MADI channels via a USB 3.0 connection. The  Digiface Dante USB 3.0/Dante interface adds an external option for  mobile operation to the previously available internal Dante PCIe card. To power the Digiface Dante in the field, users can use both an external power supply and USB bus power.

With the interface, users can transfer up to 64 MADI channels via USB 3.0 in addition to up to 64 Dante channels. Both BNC sockets for the word clock I/O can be switched to MADI I/O. The total of 128 Dante and MADI channels can be controlled via included Dante control software and the DSP-based RME TotalMix FX mixer with its routing and monitoring options. TotalMix FX allows users to create independent sub-mixes according to the number of available outputs.

The Digiface Dante has two banks of redundant network ports that can be used as inputs and outputs, as network switches and for redundant operation with primary and secondary networks in case of increased security requirements. In addition, the interface can also be used as a mobile 64-channel Dante/MADI converter if the USB computer connection is not in use.

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Meanwhile, the Digiface AVB mobile audio interface is based on the AVB standard and enables the transmission of up to 256 network audio channels between a Windows computer and other AVB devices within an audio Gigabit network via a single USB 3.0 cable.

With the Digiface AVB, the mobile audio interface with USB bus power operation uses the open IEEE 802.1 protocol as part of the AVB standard and enables synchronized and prioritized streaming of audio data over a gigabit network.

The integrated USB 3.0 connection allows up to 128 audio channels to be streamed back to the AVB network and another 128 channels to the computer, with sampling rates of up to 192 kHz. Users can adjust the channel sizes of streams between 2 and 32 channels as needed.

In addition to the Gigabit Ethernet connection and USB 3.0 port, the RME Digiface AVB sports word clock I/O and a headphone output. The package also includes the DSP-based TotalMix FX mixer and an AVDECC controller that enables detection of all AVB devices within a network and allows users to manage and monitor incoming and outgoing streams.


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