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At NAB: Sanken Debuts CS-M1 Short Shotgun Mic

The super cardioid shotgun microphone makes its first public appearance at NAB.

Las Vegas, NV (April 9, 2018)—At NAB 2018, Sanken Microphones is introducing its new CS-M1 super cardioid shotgun microphone.

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At only 4 inches in length and weighing less than 2 oz, the CS-M1 can be used in tight mic situations and on booms.

According to Sanken, the CS-M1 is especially suited to shoots where tight patterns and premium sound are required. It can be camera mounted without interfering with a short lens.

The CS-M1’s design is also intended to provide resistance to humidity and adverse temperature changes.

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Sanken Microphones are distributed in North America by plus24.

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