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At NAMM: Aviom Debuts A360 Personal Mixer

Aviom has introduced the A360 Personal Mixer at NAMM offering new features and options for users in both live and recording environments.

Anaheim, CA (January 25, 2013)—Aviom has introduced the A360 Personal Mixer at NAMM offering new features and options for users in both live and recording environments.

“The number one feature we’ve been asked for over the years is more channels,” says Chandler Collison, Aviom’s director of marketing. “The key was to provide more content and control for the mix without just throwing more channels and complexity at musicians who are trying to focus on music not mixing.”

The A360 features a 36-channel mix engine which can be used to mix up to 17 mono or stereo channels plus mono or stereo ambience. For each of the A360’s standard mix channels, users can adjust volume, tone, and reverb. The A360 also includes a Stereo Placement pan-spread control that allows the width of a stereo channel’s image to be controlled independent of its left-right placement in the stereo field. This approach is intended to improve spatial perception as well as sonic clarity of the mix for IEM and headphone users.

The seventeenth channel on the A360, the Dual Profile Channel, allows users access to two independent combinations of channel volume, tone, reverb, and stereo placement for a favorite channel. This Dual Profile Channel may be set to mirror one of the 16 standard mix channels, or can be used for additional mix content. In addition, ambience can be added to the mix either using the onboard ambient microphone or by using network channels. Musicians can add or remove ambience as needed.

The A360’s master output section includes standard bass and treble tone controls but adds a new Enhance control designed to provide more sonic presence for performers using in-ear monitors. The A360 also offers the ability to connect a subwoofer, shaker, or mono wedge monitor using the Mono Mix Out control that feeds a rear-panel XLR Jack. In addition, there are standard 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch TRS stereo outputs.

The new A360s can be integrated into existing Aviom personal mixing systems. Based on an enhanced version of Aviom’s Pro16 A-Net protocol, Pro16e, the technology driving the A360 Personal Mixer allows multiple 16-channel banks of monitoring content to be delivered over a Cat-5 cable. Each A360 in a system may use the default channels, or audio channels can be selected and organized individually for each personal mixer, drawing from a network pool of up to 64 channels.

A new USB saving feature allows users to upload mixer profiles and mix settings for those situations where multiple users may have to use the same A360 for different performances.