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At NAMM: beyer Bows TG 500 Wireless System

beyerdynamic is debuting its TG 500 wireless system at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.

Anaheim, CA (January 19, 2017)—beyerdynamic is debuting its TG 500 wireless system at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.

Envisioned as the successor of the company’s Opus 600 series, the new system focuses on modern features and can be used licence-free almost all over the world depending on the frequency band selected.

The beyerdynamic TG 500 system is available in five sets, each of which contains an individual receiver and two removable antennas:

• The TG 550 Vocal Set is supplied with the dynamic TG 500H-D handheld transmitter with a TG V50 capsule (dynamic capsule, cardioid) and is intended for singing.

• The TG 556 Vocal Set comes with a TG 500H-C handheld transmitter with a TG V56 capsule (condenser capsule, cardioid), and is aimed for presentations. There are matching microphone clamps for both handheld transmitters.

• The TG 558 Presenter Set includes a L58 clip-on microphone (condenser, omnidirectional) for lectures.

• The TG 534 Headworn Set sports a TG H34 neckworn microphone (condenser, supercardioid) and is considered applicable for theater productions.

• The TG 510 Instrument Set includes the WA-CGI instrument cable (6.35 mm mono jack) for miking electric and bass guitars.

The TG 500 system has an operating range of up to 120 meters; the switching bandwidth is up to 40 MHz, and when all four frequency bands (518-548 MHz, 606-636 MHz, 794-832 MHz and 1.780-1.810 MHz) are used, up to 72 channels (18 compatible frequencies per band) can be operated simultaneously. Each of the five TG 500 sets is available for use in one of four frequency bands, so there are 20 different sets to choose from in total.