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At NAMM: Bose Bows New ToneMatch Stereo Mixers

Bose Professional unveils its new four-channel T4S ToneMatch mixer and eight-channel T8S ToneMatch mixer.

Anaheim, CA (January 25, 2018)—Bose Professional has extended the ToneMatch audio engine series with its new eight-channel T8S ToneMatch mixer and four-channel T4S ToneMatch mixer, representing the next generation of the ToneMatch line.

The performer-focused and compact eight-channel T8S ToneMatch Mixer is designed to be intuitive to operate, with illuminated, stage-friendly tactile controls, an display and scene recall.

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ToneMatch processing presets come with the DSP engine (including effects and Bose zEQ equalization, which redefines low, mid and high ranges for each ToneMatch preset). When used with Bose L1and F1 systems, the T8S provides full end-to-end tonal optimization.

Each T8S channel has dedicated ToneMatch, EQ, dynamics and effects. The T8S effects includes compressor, limiter, de-esser, noise gate, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay and reverb functions.

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Tap tempo delay and a chromatic tuner are built-in. Aux send 1 has a dedicated reverb of its own while a master output EQ helps compensate for venue acoustics.

The four-channel T4S offers most of the same features as the T8S, except for the following differences: The T4S features an Aux send count of two, and outputs to either quarter-inch TRS balanced stereo or dual ToneMatch links, designed to send digital audio to L1 Model 1S/II systems while receiving power on the same provided ToneMatch cable (NOTE: When not used with an L1 system, the T4S can also be optionally powered by an accessory ToneMatch power supply). The final difference between the mixers is the T8S-exclusive output meter.

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