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At NAMM: DiGiGrid Unveils Desktop Series

DiGiGrid's latest Desktop Series includes four useful, portable models.

Anaheim, CA (January 21, 2016)—Before the opening of the 2016 NAMM Show, DiGiGrid unveiled its new Desktop series to a collection of press members at the Hilton adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center. The Desktop range includes the [Q] Headphone amplifier, [D] Desktop interface, [M] Musician recording interface (pictured), and [S] PoE Switch. These compact new devices offer maximum flexibility and ease of use in recording, monitoring, and creative development environments.

The [Q] Headphone Amplifier is a high-end audio interface measuring 90mm cubed and is designed to drive headphones. Coupled with an AES/EBU interface, it allows a direct digital interface loud enough for any drummer. The [Q] features 1/4-inch and 3.5mm outputs and four input options to suit all users: XLR, Ethernet/CAT5 (to connect to the SoundGrid Network for true audio networking, should it be required), Analog (for the consumer audiophile), and Bluetooth, to work directly with any digital music collection.

The [M] Musician recording interface includes two inputs and two outputs. Input one is a dedicated mic/line, and input two is an instrument/line. A dedicated high-power headphone output is included as well as an optional mic-stand adapter plate, which works with both [M] and [Q].

Designed in much the same way as [M] and [Q], the DiGiGrid [D] provides four inputs and six outputs; inputs one and two are mic/line, and three and four are line/instrument. There are two outputs with level control—ideal for monitoring—and two further fixed level line outputs.

The DiGiGrid [S] features one upstream (non-PoE) port and four downstream PoE ports, allowing connection to four further DiGiGrid devices. [S] is also Dante compatible.