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At NAMM: Genelec Shows ‘The Ones’ Smart Active Monitors

Consisting of the 8351, 8341 and 8331 three-way Smart Active Monitors, The Ones range offers sophisticated point source monitoring.

Anaheim, CA (January 25, 2018)—Genelec is offering sophisticated point source monitoring with its “The Ones” range of coaxial monitors, on display at NAMM. In this series, the 8351 three-way Smart Active Monitor is joined by the new 8341 and 8331, resulting in a complete compact coaxial range for near-field monitoring. The 8341 and 8331 are housed in enclosures no larger than a traditional two-way Genelec 8040 or 8030, removing the previous constraints of coaxial point source setups.

Long considered the standard for critical listening, point source overcomes the off-axis coloration associated with traditional loudspeaker designs, giving the user more freedom of movement. No longer will they be confined to a narrow sweet spot. This breakthrough in coaxial driver design provides accurate imaging and improved sound quality, with crystal clear accuracy, both on and off-axis, vertically as well as horizontally. Aesthetically striking is the absence of any visible woofers, which are concealed beneath the Directivity Controlled Waveguide (DCW).

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The Ones deliver neutral reproduction, meaning users can make mix decisions with confidence while also listening for longer sessions—the reduction in unnatural imaging means listener fatigue is a fraction of that experienced with other systems.

Like the 8351, both the 8341 and 8331 can be orientated horizontally or vertically using an adjustable IsoPod base for isolation, with absolutely no compromise in performance, offering maximum flexibility to fit even the tightest of working environments.

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But while the 8341 and 8331 echo the 8351 in form and function, the new models have been entirely reengineered to meet the challenges of their ultra-compact dimensions (13.78 in. x 9.33 in. x 9.57 in. for the 8341, and 11.77 in. x 7.44 in. x 8.70 in. for the 8331).

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