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At NAMM: Line 6 Bows StageScape Live Mixer

Line 6 introduced StageScape M20d, a GUI-oriented live sound mixer aimed at musicians, at the NAMM Show.

Anaheim, CA (January 23, 2012)—Line 6 introduced StageScape M20d, a GUI-oriented live sound mixer aimed at musicians, at the NAMM Show.

A visual mixing system replaces the traditional mixer channel strip with touchscreen control. In Perform Mode, a graphic display of the stage setup uses icons to represent each performer or input. Color-coded encoders provide immediate access to level control. A single touch on a performer’s icon gives access to all parameters relating to that channel, from basic tweaks through deep effects editing.

The audio signal chain can be controlled via an X-Y tweak pad. Drag a finger toward sound descriptors like “bright” or “dark” and multiple parameters adjust simultaneously to achieve that sound. Deep Edit mode gives more experienced operators access to every effect parameter via a plug-in style interface.

StageScape M20d includes auto-sensing mic and line inputs and outputs that can detect when a connection is made and automatically configure the channel gain, EQ, effects and routing. Recording options are also available, as it provides multi-channel recording in high-resolution, 24-bit WAV files to SD card, USB drive or direct to computer.

The mixer features professional-grade effects on every channel, including fully parametric EQs, multi-band compressors, feedback suppression, and more. In addition, four master stereo effects engines are available, comprising reverbs, delays and a vocal doubler. A range of channel presets covering everything from individual drum settings to lead vocals are also present.

Using one or more iPads with StageScape M20d gives musicians control of the mixer from any location. This makes it possible to set individual monitor mixes from the stage or adjust the front-of-house mix from any location inside the venue.

StageScape M20d also sports L6 LINK™ digital networking protocol, allowing it to control and interact with the company’s new StageSource PA system, which also debuted at NAMM.

Line 6, Inc.