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At NAMM: Mogami Cable Intros Platinum Studio Cable Series

Mogami is expanding on its Platinum line of instrument cables to include XLR microphone cables for use in professional studios and in-home audio design.

Anaheim, CA (January 24, 2019)—The Mogami Platinum Studio line of microphone cable introduced at the NAMM Show this week expands on Mogami’s existing Platinum line of instrument cable.

Mogami Platinum Studio will be available in a variety of lengths with XLR, TRS and RCA connectors. Mogami Platinum Studio can send analog or digital signals with superior fidelity. Its large, 18-gauge conductors with 15.3 pf/ft capacitance mean “DC to Light” analog accuracy, with fully AES compliant 110-ohm impedance for digital transmission.

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With its reportedly low-loss transmission, the Mogami Platinum Studio line is intended for use in audio mastering, high-end audiophile systems, and any other application where fidelity is essential.

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