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Audient Bows Sono Guitar Recording Interface

Audient teams with Two Notes Audio Engineering for new I/O

Anaheim, CA (January 17, 2019)—Audient has unveiled Sono, a new recording interface for guitarist, and will present it for the first time at this year’s NAMM Show in Anaheim next week.

The unit brings together Audient’s A/D conversion recording technology with speaker-cab simulation from Two Notes Audio Engineering. On board is a 12AX7 analog valve and 3-band Tone control alongside Two Notes’ Torpedo power amp modelling and cab simulation.

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Users can choose from a range of guitar and bass cab models based on classics such as the Marshall 4×12, Fender 2×12 or Ampeg Fridge, with more tones downloadable from Torpedo Remote if needed.

Customization is available for the room type, microphone model and placement as well, and presets can be stored on board Sono so that they can be used in standalone mode as well, without the need for a computer. Monitor mix allows blending between the guitar input signal and DAW playback, avoiding latency problems while tracking.

Sono sports two Audient console micpres, expandability up to 10 inputs via ADAT for recording drums, converters and more.

Sono will ship this quarter of 2019 with a retail MAP of $449.

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