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Audient Unveils NERO Monitor Controller

The new controller is intended for desktop studios.

Hampshire, UK (May 7, 2019)—Audient has announced Nero, a new desktop monitor controller.

Features include a variety of inputs and outputs, console-style monitor control, an assignable sub output, the company’s Precision Matched Attenuation Technology and more.

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Four stereo analogue inputs, including two line-level inputs, a dedicated cue mix input, one aux input (RCA or Mini Jack) and both optical and coaxial SPDIF inputs are available on the unit. They can be fed to three stereo speaker outputs, one assignable sub output and four headphone outputs.

Audient have also developed Precision Matched Attenuation Technology, which matches the volume of the left and right channels of a stereo signal in an effort to prevent deviations in volume and thus enable users to monitor accurately.

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Nero also sports a range of monitor controls, including dedicated talkback, cut and dim along with polarity, mono, speaker select and cue mix monitoring and the concept of Smart Touchpoints—configurable buttons that users can use to customize a workflow on the fly. Nero features an internal mic for talkback as well as a dedicated mic input with phantom power, enabling the use of a dynamic or condenser mic.

Nero is expected to ship in the second quarter with a $499 MAP.

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