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Audinate Ships Dante Virtual Soundcard

Dante Virtual Soundcard can be used in virtualized environments for audio playback and recording.

Portland, OR (September 17, 2019)—Audinate has announced the availability of its Dante Virtual Soundcard for installation in virtual Windows environments using Type-1 hypervisors.

Sennheiser, Audinate Team for Webinar

Intended for customers such as broadcasters, educators and corporate users that want to deploy Dante networked audio throughout data centers, studios, server clusters and campuses, Dante Virtual Soundcard interfaces directly with audio software running on virtual machines, allowing distribution of media playback, centralized recording and more.

Dante Virtual Soundcard turns any computer into a Dante endpoint for networked audio, providing a standard WDM or ASIO audio interface that allows any installed audio software to send and receive up to 64 channels of lossless audio over a standard 1 Gbps network to any Dante-enabled AV endpoints, including other instances of Dante Virtual Soundcard.

Nick Mariette, senior product manager at Audinate, noted, “We want to ensure using virtualized environments get the same reliable high performance that has made Dante Virtual Soundcard the workhorse of the audio industry.”

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Dante Virtual Soundcard with support for installation on virtual machines is available from Audinate in multi-activation license editions only and may not be purchased from the Audinate web store.

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