Dante Updater feature finds/adds firmware updates for Dante-enabled products.

Portland, OR (August 2, 2019)—It’s possibly the most "meta" update ever—an update to aid updating—as Audinate has updated its Dante Controller software with a new feature: Dante Updater.

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Made available as part of Dante Controller 4.2.3, Dante Updater is intended to simplify updating the firmware for Dante devices on a network, automatically discovering and associating new firmware files directly from Audinate, which will host the files for its member manufacturers. New available updates are noted in the updater interface, allowing users to deploy them without hunting for product-specific installers, and also deploy updates across an entire system at one time.

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“Dante Updater is a win-win for Dante users and manufacturers alike,” says Neil Philips, product manager at Audinate. “Audinate’s updater program allows manufacturers to include their specific firmware updates directly in Dante Updater for error- and headache-free deployment by end-users. Support costs are reduced, and users always have the latest features at their fingertips for the best possible Dante-enabled product experience.”

Dante Controller with Dante Updater is free for all users and is available http://www.audinate.com/dc

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