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Audio Precision Adds To APx

Audio Precision has released two interface options for its APx500 series audio analyzers

Beaverton, OR (July 25, 2011)–Audio Precision has released two interface options for its APx500 series audio analyzers: the APx Bluetooth option for measuring audio over Bluetooth wireless technology, and the HDMI option with Audio Return Channel (ARC) for measuring ARC audio in HDMI 1.4a devices.

At the same time, version 2.8 of the APx500 software has been released, bringing support for the new interfaces and new audio measurements and feature improvements.

The APx Bluetooth option combines an integrated Bluetooth radio with setup, operation controls and performance. The APx module’s built-in Bluetooth radio and stack reportedly allow engineers to measure their Bluetooth devices directly, eliminating the uncertainty, lack of control and inconvenience of third-party adapters.

The APx HDMI option has been updated to include the Audio Return Channel (ARC), part of the HDMI 1.4a specification (ARC allows two-way audio over a single HDMI cable, so the need for a separate audio cable to route TV audio to the receiver is eliminated).

The APx Digital Serial Interface option now supports transmitter slave mode, where the transmitter can synchronize to an external frame clock when required. A SINAD measurement has been added, and the APx generator can now be configured with a DC offset when desired. Digital sample rates have been extended down to 6 kHz in support of voice communications protocols. Dolby HD compliance testing has been made easier and faster with the addition of new sweep signal definitions and direct generator playback of .MAT files. Analysis filters have been added to Multitone measurements.

The v2.8 upgrade for APx500 is available for download immediately at no charge.

Audio Precision