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Audio Precision Debuts APx500 Flex Audio Analyzer

New analyzer enables use of APx audio measurement software with third-party interfaces.

Beaverton, OR (October 2, 2019)—Audio Precision has introduced the APx500 Flex audio analyzer, enabling the use of APx audio measurement software with ASIO-capable third-party audio interfaces or sound cards.

The APx500 Flex audio analyzer is Audio Precision’s APx500 measurement software operating independently of an AP hardware analyzer, with licensing controlled by an APx500 Flex Key. In lieu of a purpose-built analyzer, Flex can be paired with ASIO-capable third-party audio interfaces.

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APx500 Flex allows users to leverage test development done in the R&D cycle through the ability to import project and template files developed for AP hardware analyzers, and also makes for an audio measurement system for application engineers and QA technicians on the go.

APx500 Flex is being introduced in conjunction with the release of APx500 software v5.0.2, which provides improved ASIO support, including the calibration of inputs and outputs in V, Pa, and FS, automatic or manual delay compensation for compliant ASIO interfaces, and support for generator trigger, and acoustic and impedance measurements.

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While any ASIO-enabled audio interface should work with APx500 Flex, AP has verified the compatibility of three different audio interfaces—the RME Fireface UC, Lynx Aurora (n), and Lynx E22—and configuration templates for those devices are included in APx500 software v5.0.2. Each of the verified compatible interfaces offer analog I/O (<90 dB THD+N, 192 kHz SR) and stable drivers with consistent delay.

The APx500 Flex audio analyzer is available now, with the two-channel base configuration retailing for US $3,000.

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