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Audio Precision Unveils New Measurement Mics

New measurement mics intended for variety of uses.

Beaverton, OR (March 13, 2018)—Audio Precision has added to its line of measurement microphones with the introduction of the 376M03, a calibrated microphone system combining a 1/2” microphone cartridge with a phantom-powered preamplifier—the 426M16—in its 1/2” configuration.

AP’s new preamplifier, whether purchased individually or as part of the 376M03 microphone system, is delivered with adapters allowing it to mount either 1/2” or 1/4” standard IEC 61094-4 prepolarized microphone cartridges. Since microphones with larger diameters tend to have higher sensitivity and lower self-noise, while smaller mics can cover a wider frequency range, the preamplifier allows the user to configure a mic system to specific measurement applications and leverage the relative strengths of different mic sizes.

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Depending on the AP microphone cartridge configured with the 426M16, mic system performance offers a noise floor as low as 15.5 dB(A), or frequency response to 100 kHz. The mic cartridges use a stainless alloy which reportedly remains stable during temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure changes, yielding more accurate test results. The microphones are calibrated and is delivered with its own certificate of calibration.

In addition to their configurability, the mic systems can be paired with a range of microphone accessories offering phantom power, and the ready connectivity of common XLR cables.

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